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Compiling LEDA for Multithreading

There are three flags which can be set at the end of <LEDAROOT> \ incl \ LEDA \ system.h:
If this is set, the (standard) LEDA memory manager, which is not thread-safe, is used.
If this is set, the system memory management is used (new and delete) instead of the LEDA manager.
If this is set, the multithreading LEDA memory management is used.
One of these flags must be set. If LEDA_MULTI_THREAD is not defined, LEDA_MEMORY_STD is used by default. Otherwise LEDA_MEMORY_SYS is the default and LEDA_MEMORY_MT can be used alternatively.

You have to edit <LEDAROOT> \ thread.h in order to include the right thread package (win32.h, posix.h, solaris.h, or cps.h).

Christian Uhrig 2017-04-07