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What is a GeoWin?

GeoWin is a data type based on window that can be used for the visualization of geometric objects and algorithms.

GeoWin is an editor for sets of geometric objects. Every set is stored in a list (or, alternatively, in an STL list) and maintained in a so-called scene.

On the right you see a screenshot of a GeoWin with one scene of polygons. The screenshot is taken from the First Example of GeoWin.

First Example of GeoWin

First Example of Geowin


  • construct and display geometric objects and data types
  • visualization of geometric algorithms
  • write interactive demos in the field of computational geometry

Main Properties

  • The interactive user interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Scenes have attributes that define how the objects of the scene are drawn. The default values can be overridden by individual values.
  • Scenes in GeoWin can be visible or invisible
  • Edit scenes that can be changed through interactive interface
  • Unchangeable Result scenes show the result of geometric algorithms on another scene. See The Programming Interface for more details.
  • Global settings of GeoWin, scence settings, and settings for objects of a scene changeable by the interactive and the programming interface.

Further Topics:

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