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Windows and Panels

The data type window is the base data type for all visualization and animation support in LEDA . It provides an interface for the graphical input and output of basic geometric objects.

What is a Window?

A window is a rectangular window on the screen and consists of two rectangular regions:

A panel section in the upper part containing panel items such as sliders and buttons and used for displaying text messages and updating the values of variables.

A drawing section in the lower part to draw geometric objects such as points, lines,..., or graphs and to input any of these objects using a mouse.

Either part may be empty. If the window has no drawing section it is called a panel.

On the right you see a screenshot of a window with a simple panel section and the drawing of a Delaunay Triangulation in the drawing section. The screenshot is taken from the basic example of how to use window.

Basic Example of How to Use window

Panel and Menus

The data types panel and menu are special types representing windows that have no drawing section.

Example of Convex Hull
  • Panels support all panel operations of windows.
  • There is a special operation that displays a panel P, executes P.read_mouse(), closes P, and returns the result of read_mouse().
  • Menus are special panels that only consist of a vertical array of buttons.
  • Menus support only the addition of buttons.
  • Menus can be used as subwindows attached to buttons only.

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