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Source Code on UNIX Platforms

Source Code Configuration on UNIX

  1. Go to the LEDA main directory.

  2. Type: lconfig <cc> [static | shared]

    where <cc> is the name (or command) of your C++ compiler and the optional second parameter defines the kind of libraries to be generated. Note that in the current release shared libraries can be made only under SunOS 5.x (Solaris) and some Linux, distributions.

    Examples: lconfig CC, lconfig g++, lconfig sunpro shared

    lconfig without arguments prints a list of known compilers.
    If your compiler is not in the list you might have to edit the <LEDA/sys/unix.h> header file.

LEDA Compilation on UNIX

Type make for building the object code library
libleda.a ( main library
( if shared libraries are used)

Now follow the instructions given in Section UnixObjectCodePackage.

Christian Uhrig 2017-04-07