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What is a GraphWin?

The data type GraphWin combines Graphs and Windows. It forms a bridge between the graph data types, the graph algorithms, and the graphics interface of LEDA . The graph and its drawing can be modified either by mouse operations or by running a graph algorithm on the graph.

On the right you see a screenshot of a GraphWin with an orthogonal drawing of a planar graph. The screenshot is taken from the Example ORTHO_DRAW() from Section Graph Drawing Algorithms. Clicking on the picture shows the Graphwin in original size.


  • construct and display graphs
  • visualize graphs and the results of graph algorithms
  • write interactive demos for graph algorithms
  • animate graph algorithms

Main Properties

  • The interactive user interface is simple and intuitive.
  • GraphWin can display and manipulate the data associated with the nodes and edges of parameterized graph.
  • Most of the actions of GraphWin can be customized, i.e., the user can define what happens if a node or edge is created, selected, moved, or deleted.
  • GraphWin offers a collection of graph generators, modifiers, and tests.
  • The standard menu includes a choice of fundamental graph algorithms and basic embedding algorithms.

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